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A sustainable brand is one that looks beyond making profit and views other values, such as environmental impact and ethical supply chains, with equal importance. Your brand is what connects you to your customers. It's how they view your company and its values, and it's how they differentiate you from your competitors.

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Abstract Minimalist Dots Shapes

Reforestation, conservation and eco-villages

Invest in a high quality reforestation and conservation project in one of Costa Rica´s blue zones. We invite you to restore a magnificent piece of land near the ocean. While at the same time supporting local communities and preserving biodiversity.

The link between deforestation and climate change is beyond obvious. One essential way to preserve this amazing planet is to protect and restore forests. And above all, we need to stop pretending all is well and start investing in and caring about nature if we want to survive and live high quality lives.

Only through the creation of long term and prime reforestation projects can we begin to push back the devastating effects of climate change. The Eco Living project in Guancaste, Costa Rica seeks to transform a desolate piece of land in between the trendy hipster hotspots of Nosara and Santa Teresa into a similar play land but this time with the right ecological intent. It is clear that the aforementioned towns are heading towards total environmental disaster. With non-existent sewage systems polluting the ocean, the massive and never ending construction of more luxury villas and the total lack of green initiatives or ecological awareness.

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Abstract Minimalist Dots Shapes


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Abstract Minimalist Dots Shapes




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Eco-Living offers a healthy and happy lifestyle

The term ‘Eco’ is associated with the Greek word house. Over the years the word has evolved into a term widely used when talking about the environment. Eco-living is not a new concept, it is actually about going back to the basics and letting our world heal from the damage we have already caused it.

Over the last century or so, the boom in population coupled with our selfish ways has caused a lot of damage to our eco-system, unlike our attire that we can constantly change- we cannot change our planet. We only have one planet to call home.

Eco-living is the philosophy of living in harmony with nature. Eco-living is a way of life that helps to support and protect life on earth. Without disturbing the intricate balance created by nature. It is about taking our habitat into consideration while building infrastructure or using energy and the resources available to us. It is about giving back what we have taken from nature. Not wasting, misusing the resources available to us. It also means the proper disposal of the waste we have generated. It is all about sustainable living.


The Principles of Eco-living

Eco-living is based on minimizing waste, limiting the use of Earth’s natural resources, and the wise use of the environment that we. The following 3R’s are the guiding principles which can help make green living a reality:

Use Renewable Resources: Renewable resources are an endless supply of natural resources that can be restocked or made available without hampering the natural eco-system, such as solar, wind energy.

Make Reuse a habit: Eco-living encourages people to use the things that are reusable, such as water bottles made from reusable materials so that these will not be dumped in nature after use. For instance, metallic water bottles, as these cannot be washed and refilled time and again.

Focus on Recycling: Since eco-living is about living in harmony with our natural environment, it is important to prevent waste and manage garbage. Recycling becomes an important part of people’s lives and they are conditioned to reuse and recycle their waste rather than just dumping them.

Eco-living and the development of an Eco-village

Although we have heard a lot about eco-living and Ecovillages not many of us really understand the concept of an eco-village. So, what is an ecovillage?

These villages are holistic human settlements, that aim to regenerate social and economic systems. These can either be traditional or new intentional communities that have been developed to regenerate their social and natural environment.

Aire village is one such village, located in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica.

It was designed to create a haven for remote workers looking to relocate to a more serene environment where they can live and work in a community that is centered around their well being

Unlike other eco-villages, Aire village is fully equipped with all the amenities and facilities necessary to maintain a sustainable, well-balanced lifestyle. The luxurious, high-tech, co-working office space includes fiber optics, internet service, a full business center, communal working spaces, video conference rooms, private offices, and much more. The community center offers a communal kitchen and restaurant, a workshop center, supermarket, alternative school, kindergarten, and creative playgrounds, as well as an array of other services. Inspired by the serenity and natural beauty of the environment, there are currently 80 villas uniquely designed to suit the needs of each individual resident. Situated on the hillside, the villas are spaced to maximize privacy, giving its residents plenty of green-space and natural habitat surrounding each home.

Whether seeking a private space or a more sociable atmosphere, Aire Eco Village offers its residents the opportunity to purchase an affordable and luxurious villa in paradise. A place to live and work amongst like-minded entrepreneurs, freelancers, and remote workers in a creative, sociable, and healthy community.

Aire Eco Village is more than just an eco-living and co-working habitat. Its aim is to inspire a new way of living where we can have a healthy work-life balance and connect with nature.

Differences Between Sustainable Living and Eco-living

Sustainable and Eco-living are two terms that go hand in hand and in many cases are used interchangeably. However, there are subtle differences in these two words which are generally used when talking about environmentally friendly ways of life.

The term Sustainable living refers to a lifestyle where we live in harmony with nature without damaging the natural environment and maintain an eco-friendly lifestyle that lasts for generations. Professor John Ikerd of Emeritus University of Missouri, states that-“to achieve and maintain sustainability, we must integrate a new ecology of economics in finding ways to work and to live in harmony and in balance with each other, other living things, and our natural environment.” He has suggested that organic farming should now be our primary focus.

On the other hand, eco-living/ villages are designed to protect the environment and to balance the natural ecology with the combination of its production; could be said as the economics of eco-living. To look at a glance both, seem to protect the environment living with it, in reality, they have very different from one another.

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Eco Real Estate & Eco Villages